1. As well as the bed and bath linen and towels being washed in the usual manner, I will be providing washed pillows, duvets and mattress covers before each visit.

2. The Huts and Arc and Hot Tub will be cleaned in the usual way and then disinfected before each visit.


3. All kitchen equipment will be put through the dish washer together with barbecue utensils.   Equipment for the ping pong table will be disinfected to the best of our ability for each new visit, as will the bicycles.  Guests are asked to bring their own tennis equipment, including balls.


4. I am asking my guests to put all their used linen - duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, towels, bath mats and dressing gowns, including drying up cloths into the black bags provided to reduce my contact.


5. Payment is to be made electronically and I will provide my bank details.


6. We will continue to follow the Government’s distancing advice, so if anyone should need to get in contact, please phone 07800 869005


7. I am not offering any breakfast baskets until further notice.


8. Our guests should leave on the bed anything they have touched in the huts while staying with us so that we can disinfect these items, (torch, maps, etc.).           


We are taking the above measures to minimise the risk of infection being passed by us or to us and we are following the Government’s guidelines and advice in these matters.