Eating out Suggestions

The Dog and Pheasant (Brook) -


This is lovely for a walk and they do really excellent food (not cheap but...) Some good local ales and they know their wine too - oh and a Gin list for all you hipsters out there. 

We will try to give you directions over the fields and most make it there and quite a number even get back. Beware - uphill most of the way home....and bring a torch. (It's just off the Greensand Way, so on a pretty good path in all honesty and a good thing to do with a Saturday, perhaps?).

The Three Horseshoes (Thursley) -

The Shoes is the pub you'll want after a good walk on Thursley NNR. It is about a 1.5-2 mile walk from HHF and very easy to find. Good ales, good food, good people. Dad (Anthony) saw Judy Dench, Albert Finney in here when they had been filming Skyfall on Hankley- he couldn't remember whether Daniel Craig was with them...true story, still hurts.

The Wheatsheaf (Grayswood) -

Nothing fancy, hipster or catchy to raise prices - just a good local pub a 5 mile drive up the road towards Haslemere. Good beer, decent pub grub, good people. This is often the one people go to who just want to refuel, not pay premiums, that sort of thing.


The Refectory -Milford -

This is all about food, plus good ale - but mainly 12pm-10pm food, affordable - big menu, Carvery, huge barn-style building. 10 minute drive just along in Milford.

Godalming, Milford, Haslemere, Tilford, Elstead - all pretty close and with nice pub options. Fish & Chips, Curry, Chinese in Godalming or Haslemere. Take-out or eat in - no delivery to HHF.

Taxi companies:

This file has a list of all the local taxi companies. Although we are close-ish to towns we are relatively remote. Please remember you have to book taxis in advance. Also, although these cabs generally know the way to HHF, sometimes they don't, so do make sure you have directions all to hand (see map on Contacts page). 

It should be about £15-20 or so to Godalming and about £80 to London Heathrow.